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Thought I'd stop lurking ...

I just wanted to say that this list is fabulous!  I lost 75 pounds 
about a year ago, then put 20 of it back on.  I am now trying to lose 
those twenty pounds, PLUS the 30 or so that I need to lose to get 
down to where I feel I should be.  Anyhow, this list is helping 
tremendously with my "battle of the bulge."  Thanks.

I made this last night and used it as a topping on some black bean 
tacos -- it was great!  In fact, I am going to use it to make some 
lasagna, simply substituting the cilantro with basil. 

16oz container Knudsen's fat free cottage cheese (I like theirs best)
handful (?) of cilantro
4 cloves garlic (I love garlic, so you might want to use less if you 
don't like it -- or omit it altogether)

Blend all ingredients in a food processor until smooth.  (This makes 
a lot of "sauce" but I think it will be great on baked potatoes or 
the roasted veggie sandwiches I am making for lunch tomorrow!)

Thanks for all the great ideas.  To your health!