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Hard Beans

	You probably didn't do anything wrong; the most likely problem is that you
had an older batch of beans.  I found out that the longer dried beans are
stored, the less moisture stays in them.  For some reason, they either take
longer to cook or never cook up completely soft (depending on their age).
I don't know what you can do about the problem, except try not to store
them for too long before cooking, and hope they're not already old when you
buy them at the grocery store.  Good Luck!

>Last Friday I made a batch of vegetarian baked beans from scratch . . . . I
>cooked them all afternoon 5 to 6 hours!  They taste fine but they are still
>firm.  I would like the beans at least a little soft.  What did I do wrong?
>My other dried bean dishes turn out fine even when using tomatoe products.
>Should I just put them back on the stove and continue cooking?  

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