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Low-fat vegetarian licorice ... does it exist


I'm new to this digest, so please excuse any mistakes in protocol.  I have only
recently adopted a low-fat vegetarian lifestyle and I am finding it hard to give
up a few old pleasures.  Does anyone out there have a recipe for vegetarian licorice
(as low in fat as possible)?  Also does anyone have any tips for getting over the
addiction of lollies (containing emulsifier 471) and jubes (constining gelatine)?

I would be most appreciative of any help/advice that is offered.  Thank you for
your time.

Phil :-)


Philippa Martin BE (HONS)
PhD Student,
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,
University of Canterbury, 
Private Bag 4800,
Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND.

Phone: wk. [64](3) 364-2987 extn 7034 
       hm. [64](3) 359-5814

e-mail: martinpa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx