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Sun-dried tomatoes

Hi, all,

Lois' mention of those oil-packed sun-dried tomatoes brought back the
laughable memory of me, a year ago, just starting out on a healthier diet.  I
used to make a sandwich of whole wheat bread, a slice of tofu and three of
those tomatoes and be so proud of myself for coming up with such a healthy and
tasty quick meal.  Now, all I can think of is - yikes!!

My current (and, thanks to Michelle and you folks, more knowledgeable!)
recommendation for the fatfree beauties is in a red lentil stew.  The recipe I
found called for more tomato paste than I had so I snipped up a handful of the
sundried tomatoes and they turned out to be sooooo rich and flavorful after
simmering all that time with the lentils that I was tempted to just pick them
out and eat nothing else!!

BTW, I did try them on their own and didn't care for them but YMMV  :)