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Re: Low-fat vegetarian licorice ... does it exist

Does anyone out there have a recipe for vegetarian licorice
> (as low in fat as possible)?  Also does anyone have any tips for getting over the
> addiction of lollies (containing emulsifier 471) and jubes (constining gelatine)?

Panda makes licorice that is made with healthier (molasses and wheat
flour) ingredients.  I love black licorice and eat it sometimes.  I
didn't think licorice had fat in it anyways.

I just don't eat gummy bears, jubes etc any more.  I miss them.
Sometimes in a bulk food section in the grocery store here (VT) there
are jellies of some sort with no gelatin.  Occasionally I still eat them
but they have all kinds of artificial colors.

Lollypops you can make at home.  They aren't exactly the same but they
are just sugar, water, a bit of cream of tartar and flavoring cooked to
hard crack stage.  I have molds I use to make them with, again