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RE: SAD eating SO's

To Dawn and All,

	I had to laugh when I read all the posts on SAD eating SO's.  My
husband is one of these people.  However, much of what I read about how to
deal with this issue is exactly how I deal with it.
	When we got married my SO would not touch a vegetable unless it was
drenched in cheese sauce and he preferred to eat meat at every meal.  We
have been married for 18 years now and over time he has learned to eat much
of what I prepare.
	His main objections?  Foods that contain too many ingredients such
as vegetarian roasts, and also meat substitutes.  It is his contention
that: "If you are going for the meat taste and texture, then just go for it
and eat meat." "Otherwise fix the vegies so you can taste them and enjoy
them for what they are."   He eats almost everyting I make.  When he does
not like the looks of it he will generally give it a taste, and then if he
hates it he will fix his own.  He also eats whatever he wants when we go
out.  (And though he does this, he often complains about how rich it is and
how greasy, and then pays dearly for it later when he has serious

And my number one rule is:  NEVER TELL HIM BEFORE HAND WHAT IS IN IT.

:-D    If I do, it is just asking for trouble.  It took me several years to
learn this but it is the best way I have found to get him to try new foods.
If he likes it, then I tell him after he has eaten it.  My husband now eats
broccoli, spinach, and tofu, and loves them.  We are still working on
asperagas and collards though.   <G>

Best wishes and good luck to you Dawn!


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