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RE: Huh?

Aqua asks:

>Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but why are peanuts frowned
>upon? Is it just because of the fat content? I just wondered. And also
>gluten? Isn't gluten produced when kneading a dough, such as pasta or
>bread? Both of these items were printed p**nuts, and someone said to
>watch out for gluten? TIA. *smile*

P**nuts are very high in fat content, as are most nuts.

As for gluten, the only people who should worry about gluten content should
be those who are Celiacs (intollerant to gluten), or are allergic to
gluten.  You are correct in noting that gluten is substance in flour which
is developed with kneeding.  It also is the substance which holds together
your baked goods and noodles.  Gluten is found in the grains wheat, oats,
barley and rye.

If you are not allergic to gluten or a Celiac sufferer I can see no reason
for avoiding gluten.

Hope this helps,

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