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to the person interested in making nonfat bisquits:

I have had success substituting yogurt cheese for the butter/shortening
called for in
bisquit recipes.  I make my own yogurt cheese by draining plain, nonfat yogurt
for about 48 hours.  The longer you drain it, the firmer it gets, and be sure
to drain it
in the frig.  You can let it sit out, but it gets way too tart for bisquits.

When the recipe you use says to 'cut in the butter', just mix in the yogurt
by mushing it with around with a fork.  Usually, then, milk or buttermilk is
the dough is briefy kneaded, then patted out and the bisquits cut.  With the
variety, it is best not to work the dough very  much.  In fact, I usually
just dump the
dough out on the counter (floured) and pat it out without much or any

Another point to make about nonfat bisquits is that they must be eaten right
Take them out of the oven, put them on the table and eat them!

Good Luck,