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Stuffed Shells

 I found a cookbook thatreally helped.  It is Jane Brody's Good Food 
Cookbook.The first half of the   
book discusses nutrition and suggests how to gradually go from meat to no meat 
in your diet.  It really worked.  The cookbook is not fatfree, but fairly 
lowfat, so your fiance may not notice the transition so much when you do cut 
down on the fat later.  Vegetarian cooking can be quite spicy, you just have to 
experiment with the flavors.  My husband eats vegetarian(we have done this for 
almost 10 years) when we eat at home, but if I am gone over the dinner hour, or 
we eat out, he eats meat then.  I do not fix it for him, however, as it makes 
me queasy to touch the meat or smell it cooking.
  In regards to the breadmaker....I recently bought one at Walmart for $49.97.  
It is a West Bend, 1 1/2 pound capacity.  It has made some wonderful bread.  I 
bought the 1 1/2 pound capacity as almost all of the bread mixes are for that 
size and any other size you need to make adjustments for.  Those mixes are not 
fatfree, however, but I have found some with less than 1 gram per serving.
  Hope this helps.
  I also have a recipe for stuffed shells that uses tofu instead of ricotta 
  Tofu Stuffed Shells
  1 Pkg. jumbo shells
  1 block reduced fat tofu
  1 cup fatfree mozerella cheese, shredded
  1 jar prepared spaghetti sauce, or your own recipe
Cook the shells as direced.  Mix the tofu and cheese together and stuff each 
shell with the mixture.  Place in baking pan seam side down and cover with 
sauce. Bake until bubbly.
  Everything is approximate as I just throw it all together.
  Joan in summery Bangor, WI