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RE: Just starting out, and a lot of obsticles.

Hi Dawnn-

  I'm sorry, but I *had* to comment on this:

> kind of guy, and when we get married, he will expect exactly that, meat
> and potatoes!  -- 

EXPECT???  IMHO, if that's what he expects he could make it himself. 
I'm sorry, but when I'm cooking, I'm certainly not going to spend the
time and effort fixing something I won't eat.  There simply isn't the
time or energy for that.  I guess I'm lucky that  my current SO (and
actually all past SO's) have been so appreciative to have someone cook
for them (and yes I cook a lot) that they don't really care what it is. 
Aren't the days of a woman having to cook what a man *expects* gone? 
Maybe I'm just completely out of it.


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