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Meat & potatoes man

Congratulations, Dawnn, on your upcoming marriage!  I don't think you
need to tell Brian that a dish is fatfree - people don't normally
announce that dishes contain oil or not.  I wouldn't try to give him any
prepared fatfree items, just cook that way.  I've noticed that I can get
a lot of veggies into a meat & potato style eater's meal by serving soup
with every meal.  Minestrone, vegetable soup, and bean soup aren't
expected to have meat.  If you get that breadmaker, the soup, bread, and
a salad can unobtrusively create a fatfree meal within a meal.  Slide a
veggie pasta dish or casserole in as the entree, and he won't even know
that his arteries are unclogging!  Even if he wants to eat something
really fatty, you have added a lot of good stuff to his diet.

I have vegetarian relatives that ridicule lowfat, much less fatfree
diets.  I don't tell them that the food they eat at my house is fatfree,
and no one asks.  It's not sneaking to leave something out!