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Just starting out, and a lot of obsticles.

I have been on this list for quite sometime now, but have just recently
(within the last several weeks) been reading them... Good intentions
turned to "not enough time."  I agree with, and want to have a nofat
lifestyle, but I have a huge problem, Brian!  He's a meat and potatoes
kind of guy, and when we get married, he will expect exactly that, meat
and potatoes!  Well... of course I use that as a "stereotype" of what he
likes to eat... If he knows it's nofat, he'll refuse to eat it, thinking
that it will be bland and/or tasteless, and I know it will be impossible
to get him to give up meats.  Many of the recipies sound wonderful, though
I haven't tried any of them as of yet... I guess my question is, would I
have to tell him these recipies are nofat AND, would it make any
difference, healthwise, to prepare nofat foods if he is still eating

As a sidenote, I am thinking about investing in a bread machine, the posts
from the last several weeks have inspired me and really caused me to want
a bread maker!  Any suggestions on brands, etc?

Thanks in advance!