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>Does anyone have any suggestions how to serve polenta that would be tasty
>but not too spicy?  

Here's some ways I've made polenta in the past:

1 1/2 c polenta
4 1/2 c veggie ch**ken flavoured broth
5 pieces sundried tomatoes, soaked and sliced julienne
2 cloves garlic, minced.

Cook the polenta in the broth, then stir in the tomatoes and garlic.  Serve
immediately, or pour into a cookie sheet or large casserole and chill till
firm.  Cut into squares and warm in the micro, or grill.


1 1/2 c polenta
4 1/2 c water
dash of salt.

Cook polenta and divide into 2 portions.  To one, add honey or sweetener
and dried fruit.  Serve as dessert.  To the other half, stir in some
nutritional yeast and onion powder to taste.  Spread in a square pan and
chill.  When needed, cover savory polenta with sliced tomato and some ff
cheese if desired.  Grill or bake.

Another nice way to serve polenta is to cook it in milk, then stir in honey
or sweetener with a peeled, chopped apple.  Nice when chilled, too!

Polenta reminds me (for some reason...) of the ff biscuit mix that was
posted some time ago.  In it there was flour, cornstarch, baking P and S,
and skim milk powder.  Please advise!!!!!  When I mix it into a batter do I
add more milk ,or add water instead because of the milk powder already in

Thanks for the help!


Sharon McCleave  M.R.O., M.G.O.
Reg'd Osteopath

Ontario Osteopathic and Rehabilitation Centre