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Just Veggies

>As for Just Veggies, when I first found this product in the Fresh Fields
>stores in the east, I noticed that it had an oily feel.  Sure enough, the
>veggies were sprayed probably to help keep them from clumping together.
>Secondly, I have dried vegetables before and they never, ever remained as
>colorful as the ones in the Just Veggies containers.  Wonder how they do
>that?  Sulfides?  I admit it has been a while since I even gave these a
>look, though.

Right off the label: 

"Ingredients: carrots, corn, peas, bell peppers, tomatoes - absolutely
nothing added!"

I suppose if you want to ask them about their preparation methods, you
could call the number on the label: 209-894-5371.  There is no 1-800 number
and they are not in my area code, so I'm not going to bother.  I assume
they are freeze-dried.  Where it says "absolutely nothing added" I don't
see how they could be adding oil or sulfides.