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mail order sources

I'm finally getting around to posting those mail order sources in the back of
"Cooking with PETA" that I mentioned a while ago.  I'm not including all of
them, just those that seem the most useful for people. The descriptions are
right from the book. Again, apologies that all of these are in the US.  I have
no affiliation with any of the companies, etc, etc.  -Rosemary

Allergy Resources
557 Burbank St Ste K Broomfield CO 80020
markets alternative ingredients for those who are allergic to common foods
such as wheat, eggs, and dairy

Gold Mine Natural Foods Company
3419 Hancock St. San Francisco CA 92110
Specializes in macrobiotic, organic, and Earth-wise products for people and

Good Taste Vegetarian Food Imports
77 Columbia St 17L  New YOrk, NY 10002
Imports, among other things, Shin-Der products, makers of faux fish.  Send a
self-addressed stamped envelope for a catalog.

Harvest DIrect
PO Box 998  Knoxville TN 37901
Provides quality convenience foods such as soups, entrees, and baking mixes

Mail Order Catalog
PO Box 180  Summertown, TN 38483
Carries textured vegetable protein (some of it organic), nutritional yeast,
instant gluten flour, soymilk powder.

Mountain Ark Trading Co.
799 Old Leicester Hwy.  Asheville NC 28806
Offers a wide variety of foods like grains, non-dairy beverages, tempeh, sea
vegetables, and entree mixes.

Lumen Foods
409 Scott St.  Lake Charles LA 70601
substitutions for meat and other animal products

Whitewave Inc
1990 N 57th Ct. Boulder CO 80301
substitutions for meat and other animal products