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Re: Shredded Wheat, fatfree Margarine, Just veggies

I agree with you about not trying to find substitutes for butter
or margarine.  Once you have gone without it, everything takes
on new flavor.  You can taste things so much better.  You
can eat plain potatoes and enjoy them after a while and not
even yearn for butter flavor.  IT takes a clean break to do it
and a few weeks but worth it in the end as a new world opens
up and the diet isn't as difficult. Simple foods satisfy.

You probably can't find the margarine because of the findings
that hydrogenated fats of any kind harm your health.
 I'm sure that is why the companies have gone to the liquid
 sprays that are FF.

> Three things:
> The shredded wheat thread begun by one of our friends in New Zealand (
> sorry didn't keep the original message) talks about the blandness of
> shredded wheat.  I found that it had enough of its own sweetness that after
> I gave up sugar, it was just fine right out of the box.  I now often make a
> meal of shredded wheat eaten dry and a glass of unsweetened grapefruit
> juice.  Just give yourself some time, get used to the dryness and the
> natural sweetness will eventually become evident.
> Fatfree margarine - ick.  I'm not a purist, but I simply gave up trying to
> find substitutes for my old SAD foods.  Toast gets mashed bananas on it or
> berries.  If I'm treating myself, I'll use some soynut butter.  Usually, I
> just dip my toast in a cup of miso broth.
> As for Just Veggies, when I first found this product in the Fresh Fields
> stores in the east, I noticed that it had an oily feel.  Sure enough, the
> veggies were sprayed probably to help keep them from clumping together.
> Secondly, I have dried vegetables before and they never, ever remained as
> colorful as the ones in the Just Veggies containers.  Wonder how they do
> that?  Sulfides?  I admit it has been a while since I even gave these a
> look, though.