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Rutabags et al..

In a message dated 98-03-08 06:21:28 EST, you write:

<< Well, now, I'm very curious, since I'm a relative newcomer to NYC.  Which
 Greenmarket do you go to?  Which farm sells fresh rutabegas?  Which
 store?  I've never seen them, so obviously I need to find better sources.
  And you teach a cooking class, do you say? Where is it?  Is it a veggie
 class?  (Sorry for all the questions, but you've really piqued my

The Greenmarket is a tremendous resource ! The biggest one, and the one that
is open year round, is at Union Square on Mon, Wed, Fri and Saturday. Union
Square is at E. 17th street and Broadway. There are numerous other
GreenMarkets around the city as well as in th Boros. At the Union Square one,
you can pick up a list of them all as well as what and when they are
happening. Rutabagas are sold at many farmstands, usually from
..umm..September thru ..I think January ..maybe later. The Greenmarket
requires that Farms only sell produce from their own farm, or it some cases
neighboring farms. So, the goods offered , follow a more "natural " cycle. You
cant find Strawberries in January :) 
Every Health Food store that offers Produce sells them when they are
available. At least to my knowledge. Health Nuts, Integral Yoga, SOHO Whole
Foods, Commodoties .etc etc. 
  Yes, I teach  "Vegetarian Cooking" at the New School. The cooking school
portion of the New School is the "Culinary Arts" on Greenwich Avenue. My class
is the only Vegetarian one, and so I have designed it primarily as a Basics
class. It's not designed to be low fat but I do mention and/or demonstrate
alternate methods  when appropriate :) I have to take into account the Whole
class. Occasionaly everyone wants low fat and then I gear it that way as much
as possible. I suspect that in the future, now that I am more interested in
Low Fat , more of it will be showing up in the Class. It is a Grain/Bean based
Class. No Dairy based dishes tho  I use butter occasionaly, but dont if
everyone in the class doesnt want it. If you want more information, the New
School has a Web site , I dont know the URL, on the Web somewhere with a
catalog of Classes. I found it by accident one day when I , just for the fun
of it, plugged my full name into a Search Engine. <grin> Since my first name,
Merrick, is rather unusual, I was surprised to get a "hit" and then had to
laugh, when I saw it was a Schedule of classes for the New School.