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Crunchy Snacks

Patti said:

> I am a grad. student, and I seem to study better for tests and stuff,  if I am
> snacking on
> something crunchy.  But I don't really want to eat vegetables all the time.
> Does anyone have some cool ideas for tasteful, but non fattening snacks?
Crackers!  I munch on crackers all day at work.  I buy whole grain
crackers that contain only grains and salt.  Also, I buy whole wheat
unsalted pretzels (with no added fat).  Crackers will satisfy you more
than veggies will.  Go to your local HFS and browse the cracker
aisles.  There are many kinds of whole grain, no added oil crackers on
the market.  You also might want to try shredded wheat cereal right
out of the box.