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More on Rutabegas

On Thu, 5 Mar 1998 06:35:18 EST WCDancer <WCDancer@xxxxxxx> writes:
>I have to say something in defense of Rutabags :). The ones sold all 
>waxed are indeed quite "sour". But, if you have access to the fresh
ones, I get 
>them at the Greenmarket in NYC or at health food stores when they are in

>season, most of the winter, They are Delicious! ..And, Excellent raw! I
use them in 
>a cooking class, and suggest people use them in Crudite's . The waxed 
>ones..ccan be as old as 2 or 3 years..They really are horrible :(  But
the non 
>treated >onees..Are, imho, much much better than their cousin the
>  Thats all for now :) 

Well, now, I'm very curious, since I'm a relative newcomer to NYC.  Which
Greenmarket do you go to?  Which farm sells fresh rutabegas?  Which
store?  I've never seen them, so obviously I need to find better sources.
 And you teach a cooking class, do you say? Where is it?  Is it a veggie
class?  (Sorry for all the questions, but you've really piqued my

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