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Canadian Sources

Karen had some excellent ideas for tracking both veggie and ff food sources
in Ontario.
Thanks for the input!

The Bulk Barn stores, President's Choice lines, and Yves products are all
an important component to ff veggie eating.  In addition, here's a couple
of things I've discovered since moving to Toronto:

Carrot Common, for all things healthy, including the store, "Sin Without
Guilt".  These guys manage to get the really unusual (and neat!) U.S. ff
fare as well as the best ff frozen yogurt and muffins.

And for my personal favourites:
Akiva's Kosher Foods.  These guys are a small convenience store who, as far
as I know, are the only guys in Toronto who have fat free Philly cream
cheese.  You pay $5.00 for these little tubs of bliss, but well worth it
for a treat.
Close by Akiva's is Mira's 'No Frills' which carries fat free shredded
cheese for pizza making, mac 'n cheese etc.  Again, pretty dear in price
but at least available.  They also have ff hoop cheese and a variety of
other neat and unusual foods that meet kosher guidlines. (read: imported.)
Noah's Natural Health Food stores carry Gimme Lean, and 'Alternatives' in
Oakville is NOT to be missed for a HUGE range of healthy eats.

What I have come across in the occasional American cookbook is the use of
fat free margarine.  Wow!  Can anyone provide info on what it's made from?
Can this be found in Buffalo, and is it worth a try?  

Thanks again for your ideas, Karen.  Hope these additions are useful to
other Canucks, too.