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easy breakfast; great stefado

i've been enjoying the digest for the past couple of weeks--lots of
great recipes and ideas!  thought i'd make a late contribution to the
recent breakfast thread.  i prefer savory to sweet things in the
morning, and my current favorite is idiotically simple, but also tasty
and filling.  put 1/2 cup of instant mashed potatoes in a bowl.  add 1/4
cup oat bran, and crumble in a cube of veggie bouillon.  stir in boiling
water (roughly 3/4 to 1 cup should do it).  that's it!  sometimes i
sprinkle a little nutritional yeast on top... yummmmm.  i also like to
cook oat bran in veggie bouillon....

yesterday i made the tvp stefado from the archives
was fabulous.  i made a few adjustments in the recipe, based on what i
had available at the time (a little less wine, fresh garlic instead of
garlic powder), and added an ancho chile, which complemented the other
seasonings nicely.  the result was a wonderfully spicy, thick stew,
which i spooned over a baked potato... totally decadent!  i'm sure it
would please SAD eaters, too.  be sure to try it, it's really delicious.

i'd never used tvp chunks before, but like their hearty texture very
much.  would love to try them in a b**f bourgignon-type dish... does
anyone by chance have a recipe for something like this?