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I've found treasure!!!!

Hello everyone,
    Thanks to all who sent recipes for shiitake mushrooms.Actually it 
was a disaster as my server was down for 5 days and by the time I went 
to use them they had gone off.At least I think that's what that smell 
was :0)
  Anyway I think I have struck gold!I'm always complaining that I can't 
get the variety of things available to you all here in my part of the 
UK,well a big super/hyper market has just opened fairly close by and 
today I bought
a) sweet potatoes
b)buttnut (should that be butternut?)squash
c)acorn squash
d)bird eye chillies
e) liquid smoke
But I don't know what to do with them.I'm going to have a good look in 
the archives but any tried and tested, good old faithful recipes will be 
greatly appreciated.Are sweet potatoes more of a dessert type thing than 
a dinner vegetable?Please e-mail me privately if you don't think this is 
list appropriate!
Many thanks