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RE: flatfree?

Time is the only solution I have found.  When I first became a vegan I   
had a lot of problems with flatulence but it eventually went away.  I   
think it takes your body time to adjust to the extra fiber.  Also - some   
things you can do are avoid consuming the liquid beans have been cooked   
in.  Make sure you rinse canned beans thoroughly.  Also - there are   
things you can throw in the pot when you cook beans to help reduce   
flatulence.  I think kombu (seaweed) works.  I find Eden Organic beans   
are good this way because they have seaweed right in the can with the   
beans.  I'll look through some articles and see if I can find any other   
solutions for you.

Lisa Luscombe
Vancouver, British Columbia

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Subject: flatfree?

I've recently switched to a 95% vlf vegan diet.  Two of my problems are
excessive flatulence and tiredness (but I'm getting a lot of protein
through rice/soy milks, tofu rella, tofu, miso, etc. and taking vitamins
prescribed by Bastyr Clinic, so they must be good).  I'm quite certain
it's the increase in high fiber foods as opposed to a food allergy.  Any
advice?  (I've tried Beano and Be Sure, homeopathic remedies from the
health food store, but they are a bit pricey).