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Re: shredded wheat

At 08:43 AM 3/11/98 +1300, Bronwyn Ward wrote:
>I love breakfast cereal (muesli, bran flakes, etc) so yesterday when I saw a
>new (to NZ) product called Shredded Wheat I had to try it.  It is little
>"parcels" of 100% whole wheat ( it is american I think - red box).  Now, I
>usually like quite simple food, but what on earth do I do to this to add
>flavour without adding loads of sugar.  I always eat my cereals dry,
although I
>could be persuaded to add yoghurt.  any suggestions please!
We have had these in the US forever!  I grew up on them and love them with
just milk.  Here they come in either mini, spoon size and in big biscuits.
I like to toast the minis in the oven for a couple of minutes and eat them
alone as a snack.  You can put fruit with them or artificial sweetener
(can't eat them myself without getting a splitting headache!) or what ever
you would normally eat with cereal.

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