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Re: Snacking for Tests

> From: Patricia Willis <nc.willis.patricia@xxxxxxxx>
> I am a grad. student, and I seem to study better for tests and stuff,  if
I am
> snacking on something crunchy.  But I don't really want to eat vegetables
all the > time.
>  Does anyone have some cool ideas for tasteful, but non fattening snacks?

I do!

# Air-popped FF popcorn - flavour with garlic powder, cayenne powder,
honey, artificial butter flavouring...
# Breakfast cereal - Nutrigain, Apple Jacks, Quakers Brown Sugar Bran
Squares, Kelloggs Raisin/Strawberry Bran Squares, Honey Smacks
# Home-made crunchy FF/LF granola 
# Crackers or Toast!! - with a delicious spread of yoghurt
# Pretzels
# Japanese rice crackers - my favourite!
# Roasted garbanzo beans
# Chocolate matzos - basically cocoa, sweetener, flour & water
# Frozen grapes
# Microwaved apple chips
# Lays LF Baked Chips
# Lowfat Tortilla Chips w/ salsa

Hope that helps!

Karen <= 2 more months to complete my Honours & graduate for good!!

National University of Singapore
Karen Lim