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Re: miso

I've never heard of freezing miso!  I keep mine in the fridge for
months and months and months (I admit I don't remember when I bought
it!) and it keeps just fine.

Another use is as a marinade or make a paste for grilled vegetables.
You can grill assorted veggies (eggplant, zucchini, or mushrooms may
be good ones... bland veggies that would benefit from a strong sauce).
Then while grilling or afterwards (sauce may burn if you're not careful
so afterwards may be safer), brush on some miso mixed with a little
sugar, sake, & soy sauce to taste.   Grilled or baked tofu would be
good this way too.   White miso would make a more delicate (& sweeter)
paste, red would be more "assertive"(?).

Aiko Pinkoski

PS While I think of it.. has anyone tried Miso Master's mugi (barley)
miso??  My whole family HATED it (it really tasted terrible).... we like 
their other regular red miso a lot, so I was really surprised and now
am wondering if we had a bad tub of miso somehow?