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RE: Mastercook

Hi Michelle-

  I'm sure you will hear as many different methods for organization as
there are people who have the software :-)  I deleted almost all of the
meat recipes (some sounded like they would be good with some non-meat
item) and many of the other recipes as they just didn't look good.  I'm
very discriminating when it comes to recipes!  I just didn't want all
the extra junk.  What I did is things with items that I obviously didn't
want, I selected all the recipes and deleted them in one big chunk. 
Then, believe it or not...I think I was bored on a trip home or
something, I went through all the recipes 1 by 1 to determine if I
wanted them or not.  I probably deleted around 80% of them.

  I left the organization as is for the recipes that came with it.  I
created my own cookbooks based on lists (Fat Free, Low Fat, Chile Heads,
etc) and I have a Misc cookbook where I enter any recipes from cookbooks
or magazines that I've tried.  I also have a cookbook for Mom's recipes.
I try to keep the categories broad which means when you import stuff
from the web you usually have a lot of categories to change.  For
instance, I have a bread category.  I've seen others who have categories
like bread-machine, bread-fruit, bread-yeast, bread-nowheat,
bread-sweet, bread-holiday etc.  This is just a bit too much for me,
YMMV.  I do have a "holiday" and "party" category that I use for
anything I specifically like to do for holidays or that I think is good
enough to serve to guests.  I also have a "tried" category for anything
I've made before.  I did split up ethnic into stuff like mexican,
italian, japanese, indian, etc because I had so much of this type of

  As far as backups, previously I just made another copy every few
months (bad I know) onto another floppy.  I recently bought a zip drive,
and now I back it up everytime I enter something into Mastercook.

  Someone else was asking where to get the software and if there is a
cheap place.  It's consistantly about $35 and I've seen it in most
places that sell a lot of software.   You can also order it through the
mail directly from Sierra at:


  It's so cheap and well worth it given what you get.  What I find most
useful is the search feature.  If I'm craving something with spinach but
don't know what I feel like making, I just search for spinach :-)

Let me know if you have anymore questions.


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