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Re: Recipes for Passover

Hi Meryl-

  Haven't received any recipes yet, but lots of pointers to the FF
Passover Site :-)  which I've used in the past.  I guess when I posted
the other day I was drawing a blank, I've since gotten my brain back :-)
and decided what I'm going to make: (I'd still love to hear any other
ideas though!)

Matzo Ball soup - FF from the passover web site
Mixed Green Salad
Main - Eggplant/veggie layer casserole - comes from vegetable napoleans
I make
Side - Spaghetti Squash and Zucini casserole - from FF passover web site
Side - Potato Mushroom Cakes
Angel Food cake - FF from the passover web site
rubarb compote - to top cake - also from FF passover web site

The eggplant casserole isn't really a recipe.  I do this thing with
layers of roasted eggplant, tomatoes, onions, zuchini, potatoes, red and
green bell peppers, etc.  I layer them with some FF ricotta between a
couple of layers, stick a skewer through them and bake.  This usually
makes 6-8 and then I garnish with a sprig of rosmary on top.  (This
looks like a tower of round veggie layers).  This will be the main dish,
but I'm going to turn it into a casserole and see how it is.  If it
turns out ok then I'll make more to take to a potluck on the 3rd night.

The potato mushroom cakes, you basically make mashed potatoes, stir-fry
some mushrooms with a little soy sauce and whenever you like, form
potatoes into palm-sized cakes, put a spoonful of mushrooms in the
middle and put another potato cake on top.  So it's like having mashed
potatoes stuffed with mushrooms.  Then you brown in a pan and finish

Other ideas I have for the rest of the week are:

lasagna with matzo instead of noodles

potato carrot kugel - in FF web site, I like this but my parents hated

Matzo Brie

Matzoh veggie sandwiches

Marinated roasted veggies

Veggies Stews

Also, an *excellent* dessert you can make is to make individual sized
merengues, make sorbet, and make a raspberry puree.  Layer merengue,
sorbet, and drizzle raspberry puree in a pretty way.  Garnish with some
mint and it will not only be really pretty, but your guests will think
it's the best passover dessert they've ever had!

Good luck!


Meryl Gardner wrote:
> I'm glad you asked people of the FF list for Passover recipes.  If they
> send them to you instead of the list, please forward them to me.  TIA --
> Meryl


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