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Shredded Wheat, fatfree Margarine, Just veggies

Three things:
The shredded wheat thread begun by one of our friends in New Zealand (
sorry didn't keep the original message) talks about the blandness of
shredded wheat.  I found that it had enough of its own sweetness that after
I gave up sugar, it was just fine right out of the box.  I now often make a
meal of shredded wheat eaten dry and a glass of unsweetened grapefruit
juice.  Just give yourself some time, get used to the dryness and the
natural sweetness will eventually become evident.

Fatfree margarine - ick.  I'm not a purist, but I simply gave up trying to
find substitutes for my old SAD foods.  Toast gets mashed bananas on it or
berries.  If I'm treating myself, I'll use some soynut butter.  Usually, I
just dip my toast in a cup of miso broth.

As for Just Veggies, when I first found this product in the Fresh Fields
stores in the east, I noticed that it had an oily feel.  Sure enough, the
veggies were sprayed probably to help keep them from clumping together.
Secondly, I have dried vegetables before and they never, ever remained as
colorful as the ones in the Just Veggies containers.  Wonder how they do
that?  Sulfides?  I admit it has been a while since I even gave these a
look, though.