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all sorts of things!

 So many topics have come up recently I would like to share some thoughts on
if I may:

Re: Osteoporosis.
Broccoli, soy/kidney/haricot beans, kale, molasses, dried figs, miso, and
seaweed all have impressive levels of calcium.  A HUGE factor in the
prevention of osteoporosis, however,  is not only dietary calcium but weight
bearing exercise. Please don't forget this!
What I like to do when puttering around the house is to wear light wrist
weights so that both my upper and lower body receive some weight bearing

Re:  Passover

Wonderful to hear about the Quinoa!  Jessica requested some Pesach ideas,
and I will shortly dig out my recipe box to send along some ideas. 

Andrea referred to the Orthodox ruling on the use of Quinoa, which reminded
me of an article I recently read on genetically engineered vegetables.
Apparantly tomatoes are genetically altered with the use of DNA from North
Atlantic flounder and shellfish.  Surely these 'mutant tomatoes'
(unfortunate as they may be) are still kosher, are they not? 

Re:  Rubber Seitan

Yes, I too have had chewy seitan.  My last batch was well boiled, and I
found that the more it cooks, the less rubbery it becomes.  I used some of
the seitan and grated it to make up c**cken burgers.  Turned out well!


Sharon McCleave M.R.O., M.G.O.
Registered Osteopath
Ontario Osteopathic and Rhabilitation Centre