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chewy/solid non-meat foods

Thank you, Anne, for your comments regarding the "tactile solidness" of the
meat craving.  I have a very uncooperative boyfriend, and this is what he
complains aobut all the time.  Any more ideas to throw at him?  He won't
eat tofu (too squooshy.  sigh.) or seitan, so I have to use meat
substitutes like the Morningstar Farms crumbles you mention.  He also won't
eat mushrooms AT ALL (too slimy, even fried, go figure).  He likes veggie
burgers, any one of 1000 incarnations, pretty well, but there's only so
often that we can eat those.  Is there a good Polish sausage substitute?  



>For Bob Cox, who is a former meat-lover going vegan, good for you!  Check 
>out the Morningstar Farms products, especially their crumbles in a tube, 
>and the Yves products like Gimme Lean.  I don't know which products are 
>vegan as opposed to vegetarian, so read the labels.  My meat-loving in-laws 
>find these solid enough for them, that tactile solidness seems to be part 
>of the meat craving.  Check out the recipe archives for the pseudo-meatloaf 
>recipes as well.  I can't stand seitan, either, and rinsing away the rest 
>of the grain just to eat the gluten seems wasteful.  You might want to try 
>mixed whole-grain pilafs for a more pleasant chewiness.  Oh, and shiitake 
>mushrooms are nice and chewy in stews and soups.


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