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"WOW" potato chips

Hello to all.  I have just recently subscribed, and have been enjoying
the digest every day.  I was wondering if anyone else out there has seen
or tried the new Lay's Wow potato chips that are fat-free and half the
calories of regular chips?  Our family has, and they are great!  They
are made with Olean, which we were a little hesitant to try, due to all
the diarrhea jokes Leno's been telling.  They have been in our area for
about 2 weeks now (southern Arizona) and we are happy to report that we
have suffered no ill effects from the Olean. They also make the Wow
brand Doritos, we have not tried them yet. As for the potato chips, the
plain ones are the best so far, the BBQ coating was a little too thick
for my taste.  It would be interesting to hear anyone else's opinion of
them - the only drawback is the price, they aren't cheap!  But they are
definitely worth a try if you happen to have them in your area.