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Re: Bird's nest

I used to buy bird's nests to make Chinese Bird's Nest Soup years ago. My understanding 
back then was that these nests were made by the birds regurgitating a gelatinous-like 
substance that formed and held together the nests. You just threw the whole nest into 
soup and it would partially break down and thicken and flavor the soup (it also had 
chicken & ham in it, or I would include the recipe).  I don't know if it is fat-free, but I 
would not consider it vegetarian since it comes from birds.

>>Does anybody knows anything about the "bird nest" which can be bought in
>>the Chinese medical stores? What is the nutritional value of it and is it
>>ff? Is it really as beneficial to health as they claimed to be? 

Sherron, La Palma, California (but my heart is in Hawaii)
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