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FF: with gratitude

Thank all of you who replied to me privately and publically about my
question about the cookbooks and how to handle at eating plans and so
forth.  And I especially appreciate all of the fellow-feeling and
compassion that you offered me.

Many of you have suggested that I just stock a lot of good healthy choices
and don't sweat it too much.  I feel that I have been doing just that and
that there is some link between the meds I take and my inability to loose
weight. But until those who prescribe the meds figure that one out, I still
need to do for myself whatever I can.

The reason I was interested in a cookbook and meal plans is precisely
becasue I don;t want to have to think about anything else that requires me
to make decisions at this time. I am having a hard enough time with lots of
other things.  And I would like to find a way of handling this new issue so
it is not Just One More Thing to wear be done, but something that may
energize me.  So that's my thinking at the moment.

Again, I am very grateful for all of your help.

Gloriamarie, writing to you from San Diego, whose is pretty darned sure all
her complaints about the perfect weather out here have caused El Nino...and
you know what....as soon as I made this confession in my sig we had a
return the very next day to San Diego Perfect Weather, so it MUST be true.
I CAN control the weather!!  Pretty far out!!

How do I set my laser printer on stun?