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sugar conversion

> Hello everyone,
> I have a quick question that I hope someone can help me with.  What is
> the conversion between grams of sugar and teaspoons/tablespoons?  (How
> much sugar is 10 grams?).  Thanks!

I'm a nutrition major and we *just* did a lab a few weeks about this sort
of thing... buried deep in the lab manual was a "standard weight" for sugar
in grams: 196g per 1 cup of sugar.  Since 10 grams is about 1/20th of this,
you need a 20th of a cup... which ends up being a little less than a
tablespoon, because there are 16 T in a cup.  In the lab manual, credits
are given to Beth Reutter at the U. of Illinois for much of the content, so
I guess I should credit her for the info.   Hope this helps :)

		- Katherine