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Passover and Quinoa

I have gotten some great recipes for Passover from this list in the
past. Since I am a vegetarian and my family's background is Eastern
European, I don't eat any grains(forbiddden for everyone), rice or
soy(some rabbis have allowed this for vegetarians) at Passover. However,
I learned recently that quinoa was declared kosher for Passover last
year(I can provide the article with the Orthodox ruling if you want to
e:mail me directly). 

I just wanted to let people who are getting ready for Passover know that
there is something else to be added to the menu when we are looking for
a way to get away from the eggs and oil of Passover recipes. 

If anyone is looking for a splendid Passover dessert(uses egg whites),
the fatfree recipes have an angel food cake trifle that has been a great
success for two years despite my problems with making fluffy cakes.

Andrea Kline