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Don't sweat it

A while ago, Kelly wrote:

> I am a little worried on not getting enough calcium otherwise

Then Sheri pointed out:
> According to Dr. McDougall,
osteoporosis is caused not by lack of calcium in the diet, but by too
much animal protein.  Societies where dietary protein is low have the
lowest rates of osteoporosis.

Absolutely. It's been shown that the eating of m**t  (and other high protein 
foods I imagine), adversely affects the body's calcium digestion.  Plus, there's 
plenty of calcium in many non-dairy foods. I don't have the numbers in front 
of me, but I do know that broccoli, for example, has lots of calcium.

Slightly off-topic: people concerned about not getting enough protein on a 
vegetarian diet might want to remember something a macrobiotic couselor 
told me half-jokingly a few years ago "if you're still alive, you're getting 
enough protein." :-)

Shawn Lovley