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Too much protein and osteoperosis

>Are you concerned about osteoporosis?  According to Dr. McDougall,
>osteoporosis is caused not by lack of calcium in the diet, but by too
>much animal protein.  Societies where dietary protein is low have the
>lowest rates of osteoporosis.

Over Christmas my bofriend's mother was telling me that she read the same
thing in a John Robbins book.  I was very concerned to hear her say that
she wasn't worried about getting too little calcium since she is over fifty
and thus in danger of getting osteoperosis in the coming years.  Many
nutritional studies have shown that osteoperosis can be mitigated and
prevented by calcium supplements.  These would imply that it is important
to still take calcium and/or eat calcium rich foods even if the osteperosis
was caused by too much protein.  I don't understand making a distinction
between animal protein and other kinds since all proteins are made up of
many of the same amino acids, unless there are some amino acids that are
only found in animal products and these cause osteoperosis.  Most healthy
foods have protein in them (even lettuce has some)   so even a vegan will
often eat more protein than is necessary provided she is eating a healthy