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easy green tea ice tea

I grew up on unsweetened ice tea and we drank it like water.  Just
lipton instant ice tea.  No sugar, of course (how southerners can
tolerate sweet tea, I'll never figure out)!  What can I say?  What you
grow up drinking you often grow fond of.  Well, I recently developed a
fondness for green tea and when I tried it iced, I loved it.  Problem
is, brewing it in enough quantity to satisfy my thirst is a pain.  I
happened to complain to my housemate about the lack of an "instant"
green tea ice tea mix and he asked why I didn't just let the bags sit
in the cold water in the fridge and see if they flavored the water
without heat.

Well, I tried it and wouldn't you know, but it worked fine for me.  I
just hang 8 bags of cheapo "lipton" green tea (I didn't know Lipton
sold green tea till I went looking for the cheapest I could find) in 2
quarts of water, set in the fridge and then take out the bags 8 hours
or more later (over 2 days and it starts getting bitter, so it's best
to remove them).  I may be missing some wonder substance that only
steeps out in hot water, but no matter to me, I just like the taste.

Michelle Dick             artemis@xxxxxxxxx              East Palo Alto, CA