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Re: easy green tea ice tea

I always chuckle when I see jars of water and tea bags sitting out in the
sun for "sun tea."  I've made "moon tea" for years just letting the jug sit
out on the counter or in the fridge, as Michelle did.  It works fine with
any tea leaves, even herb teas.  Try substituting a bag or two of
peppermint tea leaves next time for a nice refreshing taste.

If you need iced tea in a hurry, though, you can make it the way my mother
always did, by making a tea concentrate by steeping the tea bags in a
saucepan of hot water until you get a really strong tea (bring the water to
a boil, turn the heat off, add as many tea bags as you would for the whole
jug, let sit for 15 minutes or so).  Either let it cool a bit or very
carefully pour the concentrate into your jug and fill to the top with cold
water (and ice, if you want to).

Michelle Dick wrote:
>green tea ice tea mix and he asked why I didn't just let the bags sit
>in the cold water in the fridge and see if they flavored the water
>without heat.

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Iowa City, Iowa