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Rocket leaves

<RubyTues59@xxxxxxx> wrote:

>I've been enjoying Robyn's ambitious posts but have two questions - 
>what on earth are "rocket leaves" (I got a big chuckle out of that one),

First of all... I'm glad you're enjoying some of my recipes.  I have
gotten so many ideas and cooking enthusiasm from the postings
I've read here... makes me want to rush home and cook them all
for dinner that night!!  :)

Rocket is a delicious lettuce-like plant that can be harvested year
round leaf by leaf.  The name comes from it's hot peppery flavour.

Have a look at www.renaissanceherbs.com.au
Rocket and other salad greens are in the "Salad Suite" section.
"Leaves have aroma of peanuts and the flavour of peanuts combined
with the heat of Water Cress. Young leaves have best flavour - not
so hot."

>and how do you maintain fatfree recipes when using hummous and
>peanut butter???

I generally don't use peanut butter, but will quite happily add a little
for flavour if needed and the whole recipe still turns out <10% cff.
I love homous and make a fat-free version which I use instead of
butter on sandwiches.  The recipe is never the same each time I
make it... I tend to improvise a little too often  :)  But it is basically
a blended combination of:

Chickpeas, plain ff yoghurt, lemon juice, pepper, paprika and cumin.

If you particularly like the taste of tahini in your homous, but want to
keep it as fat-free as possible, adding a few drops of sesame oil can
give a nice flavour without adding significant fat to the overall recipe.