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Unidentified subject!

great book!  My boss was in the States recently and brought back "366 Delicious
Ways with Rice, Beans and Grains".  (can't recall author, look up in Amazon)
It is awesome.  Not vegan nor necessarily LF but easy to adapt and the greatest
recipes.  The following (from memory) is what I made a friend last week who
said "that is the only vegetarian meal I have ever liked" - high praise indeed!

Red Lentil Stew.

Cook 3/4C red lentils in 2.5C water till tender (10-15min).
Saute sliced onion, 2 cloves crushed garlic, 1t cumin, 1t garum marsala and
0.5-1t curry pdr (maybe some coriander too). till fragrant.  Add lentils and
cooking liquid.  Add several chopped tomatoes or can with some juice.  Add
cauli, peas, corn or whatever other veges you like and cook till these are
done.  Add some fresh coriander if you like.