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Re: wheat berries

Those sound like soft wheat berries.  By soaking them, you take about 15
minutes off the cooking time, but that isn't to major with the soft
kernals.  If you were using hard wheat though the difference would be a lot
greater because hard wheat requires a much longer soaking time.


At 02:59 PM 6/5/98 -0400, Elizabeth J. Rowe wrote:
>I never soak wheat berries prior to using.  I'm not sure exactly what kind
>I use (hard or soft) but they look like plump rice kernels and take about
>45 minutes to cook.  They make a great breakfast: cook with half of the
>cooking liquid as water, half as juice (I like to use apple) - or maybe
>less if you don't like sweet things - spices like cinnamon, and some dried
>fruit.  It's great hot or cold.