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wheat berries

I buy wheat berries in my local grocery store in 1 lb. package.  The
brand is Western Family, so I'm not sure if you have a chain in Manitoba
that carries WF. It is, however, labeled as Wheat Seed.  I never soak
mine, I always cook it using boullion not water.  I use 5 cups of
boullion(the paste or powdered kind that you add to water) for my 1lb.
package of wheat berries (2 cups if using bulk). Bring the boullion to a
boil add the wheat berries cover and simmer for 1 hour.  I will also
cook up larger batches of grains or beans and freze in ziplock bags (2c.
each).  This way they can be thawed in the microwave as I need them  - 5
minutes on defrost setting.

Joanne Devries