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re: turnips?


here's a very simple and unusual way to prepare turnips:  peel some
turnips (sometimes i don't bother, though, if the turnips aren't too
big) and cut them into largish chunks.  scatter in a pan sprayed w/
cooking spray and give the turnips a light spray, too.  salt and pepper
to taste, and, if you like, toss in a pinch of rosemary and a few
unpeeled cloves of garlic.  give everything a stir, then roast at 400
degrees F until tender and caramelized (maybe 30 minutes... just keep an
eye on them).  use a spatula to stir/turn/toss them every 10 minutes or
so for even browning.

you're essentially treating the turnips as if they were potatoes, but
for roasting, turnips are almost *better* than potatoes, IMHO--their
sweetness really lends itself to caramelizing.  i find these almost

for a more traditional, but still different, preparation, try boiling
and mashing equal parts of potatoes and turnips together along with
several cloves of roasted garlic.  use veggie stock as the liquid, and
season with some nutritional yeast along w/ the usual salt and pepper. 
i like this combination much better than straight mashed turnips.

hope you enjoy these--