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ABM loaf collapsing

>I wanted to thank all of the posters how much I appreciate the ABM ff recipes!
>I revieved the parts for my machine 2 weeks ago, and I will NEVER buy another
>loaf of bread!  The unsweetened applesauce works wonderfully as a fat
>substitute, and the tips I have recieved from readers has been invaluable!
>One question, though, when I make the whole wheat loaves, I find that the top
>of the loaf collapses.  What could be causing this?  
>Have  a great day!
>Amy W.

Well, technically you've overmeasured something -- either yeast,
flour, liquid, or sweetener.  Or the recipe you've used calls for too
much of one of the above.  Fallen crowns on loaves indicates
overrising.  So, try cutting the yeast or the sugar down a little bit,
and see what happens.  Experiment with it until you get it right, or
try another recipe.

Bread machines may not be perfect, but they sure beat kneading when
your carpal tunnel prevents you!


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