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How to make polenta less 'fiddly'

Hi, all,

My younger son just LOVES polenta, but I am a lazy cook, so he used to have to
beg for it.  The secret to easy preparation is a vinyl whisk for my non-stick
pot, which makes it a breeze and he can have it whenever he likes.  It's so
easy, I can't believe I ever followed a recipe (which, of course, you must if
you don't know how to make it in the first place).  ;)

Boil three cups of water.  Add a little soy sauce or salt, and a little
snipped sundried tomato if you like.  Quickly whisk in one cup of cornmeal in
a steady stream (although I really liked yesterday's suggestion of boiling
less water and mixing the rest cold with the dry cornmeal, then dumping that
mixture into the boiling water) and simmer, stirring occasionally, until it's
nice and thick and tastes cooked (about 10 minutes).  Stir in one or more of
your choice of fatfree soy cheese or nutritional yeast, ground black pepper,
minced sweet red pepper, whole kernel corn, minced garlic, hot pepper flakes,
etc. to taste and serve.  Mine has never ONCE made it to the next day to find
out how we'd like it grilled, lol!!!