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Freezer foods/need help

Thanks to cabminlovr, whoever you are.  I have been saving my fatfree
digests for a long time, not having time to read them because of family
struggles.  I purposely logged on tonight, desperately seeking good and
easy foods.  Your recipes came at a good time for me.

I am a breast cancer survivor of a little over two years. (Not much energy)
 I have always eaten healthily and mostly fatfree and vegetarian.  My
husband, the picture of health and extremely active and athletic, was
diagnosed last week with a "very, very weak heart" and the possibility of a
need for a heart transplant if medication and diet do not take care of the
symptoms.  Needless to say, I feel that I've fallen into a pit.  Gary is
never ill, looks ages younger than he is, but I've obsessed over this
eating for years.  Lots of meats and rich desserts.  I've grown out of the
habit of cooking for the both of us, because he has scoffed at my diet of
"roots and herbs" as he called it.  After 6 days in the hospital and losing
20 pounds, most of it from fluid in his lungs that would have probably
caused cardiac arrest within 24 hours, he is a changed man.  I've been
contented to keep easy things for myself.  Now I must cook for both of us. 
I've done veggie stir-fry on brown rice and stocked up on lots of fruits
and berries that he likes.  But I've got to get smart quickly.  

I have read Ornish and McDougall but don't own the books.  It seems I've
read of heart problems being reversed with diet.  But Gary doesn't have any
blockage which could be "fixed" with surgery.  His cholesterol is 171,
although good and bad cholesterol are bad numbers.  If any of you have
dealt with this type heart problem, I would greatly appreciate a personal
note of advice.  I'm blessed that Gary has a good attitude and is willing
to do what is necessary for his health.   Forgive long message.   

Jeanelle Ray
Abilene, Texas