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Collapsed Bread

	I'm getting pretty good at making WW bread in my machine although it took
a while to get it right.  The thing that seems to have made the most
difference is the vital gluten.  As long as I measure everything fairly
closely, the bread comes out fine using the gluten.  The recipe I use
doesn't call for it, but I just add it without reducing the amount of
flour.  I use one tablespoon per cup of WW flour.  100% ww bread is much
denser than the white version, but with the gluten, its texture is still
very nice and the loaf is nicely rounded on top.  The only other things
that have ever caused my bread to collapse is too much liquid for the
amount of flour or too much yeast.  Good luck!


>One question, though, when I make the whole wheat loaves, I find that the top
>of the loaf collapses.  What could be causing this?
>Have  a great day!
>Amy W.