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Hi everyone -

I frequently find myself going to some kind of snack potluck - at meetings or
classes or whatever - and I always want to bring something that's within the
guidelines of my own eating plan, naturally, since those things are difficult
enough with temptations. Now I'm trying not to eat sugar very much so I don't
want to bring some of the old standbys, such as FF pumpkin bread, brownies, or
muffins. Today I'm going to a union meeting where we're supposed to bring
snacks and i'm bringing vegetables with ff dip - that's a good one, but it's a
lot of work, cutting up all those vegetables. Does anyone have any other
suggestions for ff, non-sugar snacks that are easy - must be finger food, no
utensils required.

Having said all that, last night I did make something sweet and sugary because
my kids were coming for dinner - one of the great bakeries in town has these
cheesecake brownies and one day I was bad and ate one and they were fantastic.
So last night I made one of the FF brownie recipes I got from this list - then
I made a FF cheesecake filling I also got from this list. Spread the brownies
in the pan - layer the cheesecake filling on top - run a knife through to kind
of marbleize it - and voila! cheesecake brownies! Everyone loved them. I did
have a little bit and they were indeed delicious. Had to cook them a bit
longer than regular brownies.

Zoe in Santa Cruz